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Habits are a hard thing for me to form, and even harder to break. This week’s habit formation is publishing something on Flavorist at least once per day–preferably much more.

Welcome to the relaunch of Flavorist.net.

It’s going to be a while before we smooth out some of the rough edges, but please bear with us. This is a very special project to me, and I’m at the early stages of putting together a team of excellent and passionate writers whose sole desire is to make your life a little more delicious.

What to expect from Flavorist.

In the most literal sense, this blog is a minimum viable product, or an MVP, to see what works, and what sucks. The longer we keep at it, the more we’ll learn. I’m passionate about relationships, communication, dating, intimacy and society, so expect to see a lot of those topics covered here. I also like beautiful design, mobile phone apps, food, travel, music, clothes and online video. In that way, it might be helpful to think of Flavorist as a salad bowl, where the ingredients change daily, depending on what’s available at the market.

To that end, we’re going to sample the best writing and content on the web, and combine it with our own original reporting, opinion and analysis. I’m beyond excited, and I feel like I’ve been hiding from this opportunity for a long time. This is my passion, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Bon Apetit!

Steppin’ it up means where you shop has a belt bar (at Switchfly)


Luciano Barbera



Created by German designer Nils Ferber, tricycle called “Screwdrivers EX”, is powered by two cordless electric drills. The machine is able to go up to a speed of 30 km / h.

“Founders Card is good for something,” says Ben





Does anyone else see the irony in the elephant being the symbol of the Republican Party?

Elephants live in matriarchal groups where males are excluded except to breed.  They’re herbivores and are known to be highly empathetic to other elephants as well as their dead; if one elephant in the group is in trouble, all the other elephants will pitch in to help it out.  They also practice collective raising of the young, with young elephants being tended to by all members of the herd.

You guys, elephants are socialist vegan feminists who support public education.

It’s also worth mentioning that most elephants are bisexual.

maybe that should change their mascot. Then again, what kind of animal is misogynistic, and constantly fucks over other members of it’s species for a profit besides us?



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